Thursday, July 3, 2014


Greetings, all my precious friends~ are you all doing well?
 Yes, you have read correctly. Risa-chan is back!  yayy~ 
 I'm incredibly excited to be back and ready to make more videos! Read below for important announcements!

It has been a long wait for you all, and during this year 2014 Risa has been working hard on her studies and anxiously watching on the sidelines as the yaoi on youtube slowly decreases and the amount of videos being stolen is increased. It's all really sad and breaks Risa's heart, but she's working on finding a way that will hopefully solve some issues. The stealing needs to stop. The flagging is heartbreaking. 

In the meantime, she is also working on and getting started on the next chapter of TV-kun no kimochi! Risa never did finish and she is eager to show you guys. It is quite short so it should not take too long, but please do no rush Risa she has a summer job now and it consumes a lot of time 

 Risa hopes that she will be welcomed with warm hugs instead of cold shoulders, but it's alright if all of her yaoi friends are angry at her for leaving them. Risa is once again really sorry amd won't be able to update as quickly as she did in the past but will work hard.

As for the current projects I will be continuing, here:
> TV-kun no Kimochi.
> Mousou Catalogue (with one chapter left)

Hey Class President is quite tricky to cover as the drama CD does not match up with the manga, but she is considering finding all the yaoi smexiness you-know-what scenes (hehheh~ ) and editing those scenes to match up with drama cd. Selfish But Adorable will be tricky especially as the rest of the volumes are not translated, and Risa's intention was to use her group to scanlate it but...we might've broken up. Risa left abruptly due to family issues and now she will try and get in contact with them. 

In the meantime, Risa is completely open to suggestions! 
Suggest away in the comment section!
If you have any suggestions feel free to post in the comment below and if you are not sure if there is a drama CD with the manga, just post away and Risa will be searching. Risa will be making a suggestion guideline video on youtube where more people can suggest. 

If you haven't already, subscribe to Risa's alt account here:
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Hugs & kisses,


  1. Yayy so excited!! Thank you Risaa ♡

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  3. OMG yes!!!!!!
    MOUSOU CATALOGUE~~!!!!!! i love you risa chan!!~
    keep up the good work ^U^

  4. AH! Sorry if i'm late but RISA-CHAN OKAERI! Welcome back to video making! It's really been soooooo long and i'm glad to know that you're coping fine with your studies! :D Yes, the flagging and stealing had always been a serious issues for all uploaders but i hope your videos will be safe! Keep them private and just post the links on your blog ok? >_< I am super excited to know that you'll be continuing with the "TV-kun no kimochi" series because it's such a cute story!!! <333 I'm looking forward to your upcoming video, see you soon Risa-chan! xoxo

  5. Risa-chan! Okaeri nasai. We missed you, honey :). Don't worry, you will be welcomed with huge smiles, hugs and sweets. Can't wait for your videos ^///^.
    As always, thank you for the hard work
    Love from Portugal

  6. Risa-channnn!!!!!!! I'm TOTALLY suggesting Tsuyogari. I know there is probably a track for it. ONEGAIIII <3333333

  7. Risa -- Welcome back! It will be good to get to watch your videos again!

  8. OmG. I can't find elektel delusion manga+cd drama's in english anywhere. I even googled it and still no luck. please tell me you have some on you.

  9. YES! So excited and glad that you're back Risa!!! ♡_♡

  10. Risa Chan! I need your help �� about a vídeo that you put con youtube ;-; please answer me ❤��

  11. I try to make this short. LOVE your work in Mousou Catalogue on dailymotion, until I saw your version I was watching VERY poor timing(?) were the audio was not in sync w/ video and that was with a MAJORITY of other videos I was seeing (didn't pay attention to credits/uploaders). But as soon as I saw your work I JUST HAD TO CONTACT YOU and thank you for your effort AND QUALITY of your work! Your version is MUCH much better and although I've just seen them the few I've seen are more pleasing to the eye than anything else.
    I hope you are able to find enough success in your life regardless of what you are doing to allow you to continue with your 'labor of love' as it seems.
    Much love.

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  13. Wow the site are abandoned but i come here every week just to feel sad ;-; if you one day read this, know we miss you and will never forget

  14. I miss you ;A;
    Been a fan since like, 2012 I think? >w>