Saturday, February 1, 2014

【BLOG】I want to...return.

It's been awhile since I've visited this blog, and although I've been secretly roaming around youtube here and there, I've noticed the growing amount of need for yaoi. Reading all the comments in the comment section of yaoi videos made me miss all of you guys and it saddens me.

But my family wants me to focus on getting to a nice college...and I've been thinking that if I score high on my standardized tests and do well in school this year, I'm thinking of maybe making time over the summer and working on videos again.

I really do wish I could do this, and I hope that some people will support me along the way.
First comes studying very hard, and hopefully if I work very hard, I'll be able to reach my goal!

Please support me along the way!
I'm going to be back and supply all my wonderful yaoi friends with more yaoi goodness and fluffiness! :)



  1. Yoshi yoshi! Don't worry ~ Just right now it is best if you concentrate on your school stuff! I prefer you get into an amazing college rather than not, and it was due to making yaoi videos. Although it is your passion(mine too pf course), I prefer if Risa-chan got into a good college! So, please, concentrate on school and only during breaks/holidays(if you can) work on yaoi videos!! Best wishes for school ~~~ (*^^*)

  2. Definitely! Deadlyassassin said it all best! Concentrate on School, get into the college you want, and do awesome!! (=^∙w∙^=)
    We are all rooting for you!

  3. OH YAY! THIS IS LIKE A UBER GOOD NEWS! But still, study is important so i hope you'll focus on getting into a good college and prioritise your studies! (*^▽^*) You can then work on the vids when you have extra free time! We wont want it to effect your studies and your parents will surely be disappointed if editing vids affect your results. So yea, work hard for your future! Ganbatte! (♥▽♥*)

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  5. YES YES PLESE!!! :D
    you made my day!!!
    indeed study is important! work hard you can do it!

  6. Your completely right! There's a need for yaoi~ been so long (^○^) but study first then fun ^_^ good luck! We'll wait for your return <3

  7. Studying is first If you can get a good collage we will be happy too and dont forget we will always waiting for you to return:-)

  8. Hihi! Nice to meet you :) I'm not that good at comments but your blog is really cool and you seem like a really awesome person!